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We are proud to offer you an array of outstanding Objects d'art from Ceramics to Perfume bottles, Boudoir accessories, Paintings to Bronzes from some of the most sought after artisans of the 20th century

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-Barbara Taylor Bradford

With over 25 years experience, Deco Days Gone By is one of the most respected names in the field of 20th Century Decorative Arts. We are proud to offer you an array of outstanding examples of decorative arts from some of the most sought after artisans of the 20th century - Fine examples of objects d’art from Ceramics to Perfume Bottles & Boudoir accessories, Paintings to Bronzes, investment quality objects d’art to collectibles enhancing your home.

A familiar face at some of the most prestigious antique events throughout Europe and the United States, Deco Days Gone By exhibits at events from London’s Olympia International Art & Antiques Fair to the always-stunning display at the Original Miami Beach Antique Show.

Taking a very hands on approach, the owners Michael & Ivan are passionate collectors as well as dealers who travel throughout the year - Barcelona to Budapest - Bucharest to Havana Cuba - Kiev to London, crisscrossing the globe in search of that perfect object and taking great pride in bringing you a spectacular array of 20th Century Decorative Art which represent the best from each respective country

Working with dealers and private collectors - from a 10' tall, 2-ton solid bronze statue of Lenin, to superb Micro Mosaic broaches, each object has its own story to tell.

Please take a look and see if we have that perfect object for you ...

Behind the scenes


Enzo - Or the "BIG BOSS" the true brains behind the operation lies in the form of a wonderful 8 pound Yorkshire Terrier simply named Enzo - a familiar face at fine antique shows across Europe and the United States - his winning personality and love of people has made him the true star of the show ... Please see a listing of all our upcoming events and if you have not already met Enzo please stop by to meet us and him in person..

Michael Genger

Michael Genger - American born Michael Genger has resided in Prague since January of 1990 - 6 weeks after the Velvet Revolution he moved to what was then Czechoslovakia in pursuit of his passion which was at that time Czechoslovakian Perfume & Boudoir Accessories - however after discovering that there were more Czechoslovakian Perfume Bottles in America then in Czechoslovakia he expanded his horizons and started to expand his expertise to European and American 20th Century Decorative Arts - With now over 25 years of experience he considered by many collectors and dealers alike to be both a knowledgeable and a respected and invaluable source of fine - investment quality 20th century objects d art ... having worked with some of the finest collectors, dealers and interior decorators in both Europe and the United States ...

Ivan Muzyka

Michaels business partner Ivan of European descent has worked with Michael in the pursuit of fine decorative objects for the past 20 years - having an expansive knowledge of early 20th century objects of art including but not limited to Wiener Werkstatte and Functionalism - Ivan has enabled Deco Days Gone By to expand its horizons and offer their clients a wider selection of 20th Century Decorative Arts ...

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